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Liza Diaz Designs

Original Organic Clothing Designer

Liza Diaz Designs are one of a kind organic clothing pieces from an original clothing designer with a leading edge "Fashion Style and Sense". Living in Vancouver BC Canada, Liza Diaz has teamed up ONLINE with (of Organic Clothing Canada USA ) to introduce a new line of Natural, Organic, Eco-Friendly based clothing designs. Liza's concepts are multi-level designs boasting these terrific features:


Sewn with precision and with the "Human Touch". Liza takes pride in her garment's build.


Since the organic clothes are not mass produced, know that you will have a unique shopping experience.
Now you can give your girl friends "something to talk about" !


There's usually more than just one way to wear a Diaz garment. Deciding how to wear it makes it fun. Versatility means "Economical".


As a "One of a Kind" and "Tailored Designed" garment, maximum attention is focused on the "Cut, Shape and Fit".


Let's not forget why LivEco is here! All featured Diaz clothing has LivEco approved "Eco-Friendly Content, Origin, and Manufacturing".

Vancouver Canada is leading the new clothing trend with "Local Designers". In Gastown, Main Street, Commercial Drive and Kitsilano, there are a group of small and medium sized "original clothing" shops (such as Twigg & Hottie, Dream, and Spank), that exclusively retail the unique works of designers such as Liza Diaz. They are gaining popularity with women who are looking for something unique to wear...something that says "Wow, that's different...I love that" ! LivEco could be starting a trend of its own with the introduction of Liza Diaz Designs. If a trip to Vancouver is not in your travel plans, then LivEco is here to help.

Most Diaz designs are only available in short runs. LivEco suggest that if you fancy a Diaz design, grab it before it's gone.
You may never see another one quite like it!
Handmade Clothing Designer Seamstress Liza Diaz official website.

"Liza Diaz, an Original Clothing Designer with an Eco-Friendly Conscience."

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