Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton Clothing

Organic Cotton Clothing

Mention cotton and you probably immediately think white and fluffy. Organic Cotton is an amazing product of nature that's been used forever by man kind and it's now making a big come back in the USA, Canada and the rest of the world. It has evolved into countless uses with one of the most popular of today being natural cotton clothing and other organic natural products. Now, when the subject of cotton farming, cultivation and industrial processing is mentioned then the picture starts to change and for the most part, not in a good way. But how could a product of nature possibly paint a gloomy picture? Well, it depends whether it was made using the organic process or the conventional way. Better explained; there are two kinds of cotton farming methods; conventional cotton or organic cotton are both primarily used for the natural cotton clothing industry. Conventional cotton farming can be generally defined as the process of utilizing pesticides or chemicals to aid in a higher crop yield. The chemicals used are usually petrochemical based and yes, you guessed it, they are very harmful to the environment, wildlife and to humans. These chemicals and pesticides find their way into the ecosystem, into wildlife and of course into our bodies through absorption and ingestion.

Organic cotton, on the other hand is farmed using the most natural chemical free cultivating methods and is relatively more expensive but is quickly becoming more and more popular. Today’s organic cotton clothing consumers are becoming more interested in the many advantages. They understand the lesser impact it's manufacturing puts on our fragile planet. Consumers also realize that organic cotton clothing and accessories are better tolerated by sensitive skin. One should note that the organic cotton apparel may not so natural if it is loaded with artificial dyes. The finest natural organic clothing or cotton wearables are made with plant based dyes. Interestingly, organic cotton is often blended with other eco-friendly fabrics. Organic cotton bamboo blends are popular as are organic cotton hemp blends. It is even blended with soy to give it a pure luxurious softness. Organic cotton fabrics are stronger because of their healthier growing lifestyles.

Here’s a closer look at some basic differences between the two with the comparison chart below.

Organic VS Conventional Cotton Clothing

It will take a tremendous amount of tax payer dollars to repair the environmental damage being done by conventional cotton farming but in time as newer and more effective eco-friendly methods are implemented, the farming and manufacturing costs of organic cotton will eventually result in a more affordable level for both manufacturers and consumers. Hence the buying market will turn to organic cotton, yet another natural and environmentally friendly product.

Liveco was founded on the principle of retailing only products that help reduce the impact on the environment and life on our planet. We now have the opportunity to set the ground work in assuring future sustainable living for our children. Society will live healthier lives by promoting cotton organic clothing and products that are made within Fair Trade and sweatshop free conditions. We also believe that for a long time nature has suffered the effects of our technological advancements. With a good understanding of our planet and its behaviours, we now have the ability to combine today's science and ethics to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly quality products.

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